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Concert-quality sound system in this public entertainment facility has "Urban Cowboys" kicking up their heels

DALLAS, TX USA - April 2004 -- Hot Country & Western sounds and a whole lot more are thrilling audiences once again at Gilley's, the new multi-purpose public entertainment facility located in the heart of downtown Dallas, Texas. Continuing the legend started at the original Gilley's in Pasadena, Texas, the new Gilley's is a choice venue for the best in live entertainment. Hosting live music performances of all popular genres, the Dallas Jazz Legends Festival, and other business and sporting events, the facility is intended to be a key tool in the city's effort to stimulate further development of downtown Dallas. The new facility is equipped with a state of the art, concert-quality sound and intelligent lighting system designed to accommodate the diverse nature of the events hosted throughout the year.

The design of the audio system was accomplished via collaboration between Chris Jordan of Electro-Acoustics & Video (EAVI) and Brad Ricks of Harman Professional Systems (HPS). Rusty VanMeter served as project manager for EAVI, and Brad Morrow of Dobbs-Stanford Corporation, the Harman Professional representative firm for Texas, provided assistance on the project and training to the Gilley's staff.

Main system rack with Crown CTs and Macro-Tech amplifiers and BSS Audio Soundweb units

The old building originally served as a dairy, and much of the rustic structural elements remain exposed, providing an ambience reminiscent of the Texas roadhouses common to this region. The main stage system is composed of a Left/Right system of four VT4888 elements and a center-fill cluster of two VT4888 elements. The VerTec system is powered with 12 CTs 3000 amplifiers. Subwoofers include six AE Series ASB6128V high-output dual 18-inch subwoofers, powered by three Macro-Tech MA-5002VZ amplifiers. The rest of the house system is powered with six CTs 1200 amplifiers driving AM4212 two-way speakers for fills and Control 29AV 8 inch, 2-way speakers for back-of-house. An amplifier room was located approximately 75 feet from stage right, where the main amplifiers were mounted in stationary racks. "We really were impressed at how little power the CTs amps draw" noted Ricks. "They proved to be very efficient in this install."

A full monitor system includes 12 JBL SR4702X wedges, each powered by a CTs 1200 amplifier. One CL4 amplifier powers a subwoofer for drum fill. Two Soundcraft MH3 48-channel consoles were chosen for Front of House and monitors. Lexicon and dbx processing is used throughout. Stage monitor amplifiers were mounted in portable racks located on stage right, allowing the monitor engineer to easily view amplifier levels and indicators.

One CTs 4200 four-channel amplifier operating in 70V mode powers multiple speakers for the entryway and outdoor zones. "The Crown VCA-controlled amplifier for the backstage areas made controlling levels quite easy," noted Jordan. The CTs 4200 was matched with the optional VCA-MC4 module, which provides remote level control for each amplifier channel via the matching 4VCAP wall controller. 

Jordan added: "Crown amplifiers are universally accepted by national touring acts. Reliability is an important issue to both the club owner and us at EAVI. We do not like interrupting our weekend to swap out an amplifier. Crown amplifiers have proven to be very reliable throughout our 20 year history of installing sound systems." Ricks noted: "The Gilley's system provides concert-quality sound, with good coverage and gain before feedback - even with the relatively low ceiling and long throw characteristics needed in the room, and the CTs amps are doing a great job driving this system"

Crown International, a Harman International company, manufactures amplifiers, microphones, and systems control products for professional audio markets worldwide, with corporate headquarters located in Elkhart, Indiana. For more information, please visit Crown online at


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