How to Set Up TCP/IQ to IQ Loop Gateway

This example is based on a standalone system using switches and not routers. This software package works only with IQ2 products, which are the Crown IQ-PIP-USP2 family, IQ-USM-810, CTs 4200IQ, CTs 8200IQ, IQ-SLM8, IQ-PIP-MEM, IQ-PIP-DSP, IQ-PIP-SMT, and BSS products PS8810C, PS8810.

The screen captures were done in Windows 2000; your exact configuration may vary.


1. Wire the IQ Loop components according to Figure 1, which shows a typical system. Use an RS-232 cable from the computer to an interface. Connect the IQ Loop serially through all the components back to the interface.


Figure 1. IQ Loop Wiring


2. If you already have a static TCP/IP address for the TCP/IQ components, skip this step.

Select Settings > Control Panel > Network Connections (Figure 2). Set a static TCP/IP address and Subnet mask on the master computer. Document the address and mask.


Figure 2. Selecting Settings > Control Panel


2A. Right-click on LAN Connections. Then select Internal > Properties (Figure 3).


Figure 3. Result of clicking LAN Connections > Internal



4. Once the Properties window opens (Figure 4), click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Then click on Properties.


Figure 4. Internal Properties Window



5. The Internet Protocol (TCP/IQ) Properties window appears (Figure 5).

6. If you need to set an IP address manually, specify an IP address. The IP address is four numbers between 1 and 255 separated by periods. For example,

7. Select a subnet mask. The subnet mask is four numbers between 1 and 255 separated by periods. For example,

8. Click OK and close the Control Panel. At this point, some computer operating systems will require a restart.


Figure 5. Internet Protocol (TCP/IQ) Properties Window


9. Select IQ Systems > IQwic > IQ Gateway (Figure 6). This launches the IQ Gateway on the master computer.


Figure 6. Selecting IQ Systems > IQwic > IQ Gateway


10. IQ Gateway will run a roll call, then will minimize itself to the system tray (Figure 7).


 Figure 7. Minimized IQ Gateway


11. Right-click on the IQ Gateway in the System Tray (Figure 8). Select Open. This will bring up the software to a maximized view.


Figure 8. Result of Right-Clicking the IQ Gateway in the System Tray


12. The IQ Gateway software will launch (Figure 9). You can confirm the status of the components it found, as well as the IP address of the host computer.


Figure 9. IQ Gateway Software Main Window


13. If you want to change the number at which the IQ Loop components start, go to the Setup menu (Figure 10). Remember that the physical address and virtual addresses cannot be the same. To set the polling rate for the IQ products, set the Period of the Online Check and of the Online Search (Figure 10).


Figure 10. Settings Menu


14. Launch IQwic (Figure 11) and run a roll call.


Figure 11. Selecting IQ Systems > IQwic