PIP-USP3 Module


PIP-USP3 is a DSP-based PIP module that integrates into a 100-Mb Ethernet network via TCP/IQ protocol. An extremely versatile speaker-processing unit that mounts right in your Crown amplifier, this compact module greatly reduces the costs of typical audio systems while eliminating the rack space needed for signal processing. Offers up to thirty-two filters per channel as well as load supervision that continuously monitors the load impedance using the signal source as the test signal. Also includes compressors, limiters, error reporting, ten internal presets, up to 2 seconds of delay per channel, and noise and sine-wave generators. Also includes line voltage monitoring when installed in Crown CTs series amplifiers. Requires FREE IQwic Software and a computer for initial setup.


Click here to open a chart showing amplifier and PIP module compatibility.


  • 100Mb Ethernet single-plug solution for TCP/IQ control and monitoring 
  • Listen Bus amplifier output monitor 
  • 24 bit conversion with 32 bit, floating point DSP processing 
  • 64 assignable filters with 9 different filter types including all-pass filters 
  • Over 2 seconds of delay available per channel 
  • Input compressors and output limiters for each channel 
  • Dual, uncorrelated noise generators for noise masking 
  • Sine-wave generator 
  • Load supervision 
  • Full error reporting 
  • Firmware upgrades via the network 
  • 10 user selectable presets 
  • Reliable FLASH memory backup of all parameters 
  • Three Year, No-Fault, Fully Transferable Warranty completely protects your investment and guarantees its specifications.

For product availability and pricing please contact your local dealer.