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After the Summer 2004 issue, the Mic Memo was replaced by the Crown 
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Mic Memo Spring of 2002

  • Kick-Drum Miking Tips
  • Clarify Your Teleconference Audio
  • Troubleshooting Microphone Problems

Mic Memo  Summer of 2002

  • Mid-Side Miking with CM-700s
  • Phantom Powering an LED
  • Miking a Piano with the GLM-100
  • Drum Miking Technique
  • GLM-100 vs. GLM-200 for Acoustic Guitar
  • Who's Using Crown?

Mic Memo  Fall of 2002

  • CM-700 Chosen for "Dream" Studios
  • Ceiling-Mounted Conference Mics
  • CM-700 for Stage Vocals
  • Harp Miking
  • Lavalier Mic EQ
  • Miking an Electronic Organ
  • PZM Piano Miking
  • CM-311AE Fan
  • What's a PXT?

Mic Memo  Winter of 200   493K

  • Art Garfunkel Tour Uses All Crown Mics
  • SASS Makes Student Recording Easy
  • Lisa Loeb Likes GLM-200
  • SASS Stereo Mic Used as Ears
  • Washtub Miking
  • Converting a wireless CM-311AE to Wired
  • LM-201 Rave
  • CM-311AE and Sennheiser Transmitters
  • Sound Grabber Batteries

Mic Memo Spring of 2003   401K

  • Reducing vocal leakage into a guitar microphone
  • Do my PZMs need boundaries?
  • Lavalier mic inside clothing
  • Unique PZM Designs Used In Video Conferencing

Mic Memo Summer of 2003    351K

  • PZM Piano Miking
  • How to Hang a SASS Stereo Mic
  • CM-312A Protection
  • Group Pickup
  • PZM Mounting and Waterproofing
  • Sound Grabber for Wedding Videos
  • SASS Review

Mic Memo Fall of 2003    364K

  • Timberlake Tours with Crown
  • CM-311AE Lauded on Listserv
  • Easy Recording of Worship Services
  • Converting a CM-311A to Wireless
  • Miking a Button Accordion with GLM-100

Mic Memo Winter of 2004    377K

  • Crown Headworn Mic to be Shown in Wax Museum
  • PZM-6D Drum/Piano Tips
  • Four Seasons Hotel Installs LM-300 Mics
  • Choir Miking
  • Cheap Shock Mount
  • Conference Miking With No Table Mics
  • SASS Recommended for Nature Recordings
  • Bassoon Miking Tips
  • SASS Low-Frequency Response

Mic Memo Spring of 2004    377K

  • Pop Group Hanson Relies on Crown
  • Demo Recording with Sound Grabbers
  • Miking a Stage with PCC-160s
  • Miking a Congregation

Mic Memo Summer of 2004    374K

  • Miking a Bluegrass Band
  • Miking a Stage with Shotgun Mics
  • CM-311A Pop Filters
  • I Cant Hear the Actors!
  • Miking a Fiddle
  • Wiring for Legacy PZMs

Mic Memo Winter of 2002

Mic Memo Fall of 2001

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Mic Memo Summer of 2000

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Mic Memo Fall of 1999

22 Years of the Crown Mic Memo Summer 1978 through Winter 2002. (7.9 MB .pdf file)