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ELKHART, IN - October 2004 -- The Christian Church congregation of Norway recently held the Grand Opening of their new 7,500-seat main hall and facilities named "Brunstad Conference Center." The new PA installation is the largest installed sound system in Norway and Europe's largest house of worship installation. The system featured the largest number of Crown I-Tech Series amplifiers in a European installation to date, with 100,000 watts of total amplifier power. LydRommet AS, Harman Pro distributor for Norway, was responsible for system design, installation, trimming and quality control. The congregation's technical department handled all cabling and termination themselves.

Twelve I-T4000s and ten I-T6000s were used, in addition to one CTs 1200 for front fill, one CTs 2000 for stage fill, and four CTs 2000 for monitors. All loudspeaker control including crossover, equalization, delay and limiting is handled inside the amplifier via I-Tech's integrated DSP. In addition, I-Tech's load monitor, temperature control, error log and other advanced diagnostic features make it easy to monitor the whole Brunstad system from a remote PC. Also, by utilizing I-Tech's internal DSP, the system signal chain to the loudspeakers was reduced by one component over what is typical, providing improved S/N ratio.

"We are very satisfied with the result of this installation" notes Christian Wille, President of LydRommet. "The main hall has fantastic acoustics for amplified audio, all seats have smooth and even coverage with precise bass punch and soft high fidelity response in the mid and high frequencies. This is highly appreciated for music and concerts."

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