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NASHVILLE, Tennessee - July 12, 2002 -- Crown International announces that pro bassist and K2 amplifier endorser Randy Melson will be making several appearances at the manufacturer's Summer NAMM booth (#5416) on Saturday, July 20. Melson, who has toured and recorded with a number of top Contemporary Christian performers like Ray Boltz and Sandi Patti, will be on hand to talk with attendees about incorporating a Crown amplifier into a live bass rig.

"Crown amps are absolutely kickin' for bass," he says. "The K2 sounds great and is extremely fast; the low-end attack is really quick and solid. Curt Hall, Ray Boltz's monitor engineer, has ten K2s and loves them as much as I do. We both agree that the Crown K2 provides the tightest low-end in the business.

"Certainly another important issue for me as a touring musician is reliability. My equipment has to endure a considerable amount of wear and tear. I've had my K2s for over two years and never had a single problem. They're built like tanks."

Also a fan of Lakland basses, Melson typically plugs his instrument into either a Tech 21 SansAmp RBI or Line 6 Bass POD Pro as a preamp, which feeds into a Crown K2 (set on bridge mono mode) and out to an SWR Series One Goliath cabinet. A proud owner of two K2s, Melson typically uses one amplifier to power his bass rig and the other to drive his stage monitor.

In addition to his live performance work, Melson, a native of Indianapolis, spends much of his time as a session bassist and record producer.

Crown International, a Harman International company, manufactures amplifiers, microphones and systems control products for professional audio markets worldwide, with corporate headquarters located in Elkhart, Indiana.

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July 2002