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Clear explanations of Crown technical features, condensed to one page per topic.

Mic Application Guides

Mic Tips

  • Tip 1: Condenser vs Dynamic Microphones
  • Tip 2: Microphone Polar Patterns
  • Tip 3: Microphone Pickup Angle
  • Tip 4: Microphone Performance in the Direct Sound Field
  • Tip 5: Microphone Performance in the Reverberant Sound Field
  • Tip 6: The 3 to 1 Rule
  • Tip 7: Microphone Techniques for Lectern and Stage

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Microphone Sensitivity Calculator Slide-Rule

Useful for deciphering various microphone sensitivity specifications and determining proper microphone usage. 
Available free from Crown or your Crown Dealer.

Service for Crown Microphones, please contact AKG: