Microphone Accessories

These accessories provide microphone phantom powering or mounting. Various windscreens are also available. See your dealer or contact the Crown Parts Department for details.

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PH-1A The PH-1A is an AC-adapter or battery-powered 1-channel power supply providing 18V DC in a phantom configuration. It uses XLR-type connectors for input and output. DC blocking is provided for easy coupling to input circuits.


CM-SM The CM-SM is a shock mount for the CM-700. Also fits the CM-150 (discontinued).

LM-301-SMA The LM-301-SMA adapts the LM-301A for use with the LM-SM shock mount.

ASA-2 The ASA-2 is a stand adapter for the CM-200A and CM-310A hand-held microphones.

ASA-4 The ASA-4 is a stand adapter for the CM-700 and CM-150 microphones. (The CM-150 is discontinued.)

GLM-UM  Supplied with the GLM-100 and GLM-200, the GLM-UM or Universal Mount is a 4-inch long, flexible PVC-coated wire with clips on both ends. The clip is PVC-coated for mounting to a musicalinstrument. The small clip attaches to the GLM mic.

GLM-TB  Supplied with the GLM-100, GLM-100E and GLM-200, the GLM-TB is a tie bar or tie mount for the microphone, allowing it to be used as a lavalier mic.