Macro-Tech Series

MA-5002VZ Specifications

The following applies to 120-VAC, 60-Hz units in Stereo mode with 8-ohm loads and an input sensitivity of 26-dB gain unless otherwise specified. Specifications for units supplied outside the U.S.A. may vary slightly at different AC voltages and frequencies.

MA-5002VZ Output Power


Load Impedance: Safe with all types of loads. Rated for 2 to 8 ohms in Stereo, 4 to 16 ohms in Bridge-Mono and 1 to 4 ohms in Parallel-mono mode.

Voltage Gain to 1-kHz, 8-ohm rated output;

  • 132:1 6% or 42 dB 1 dB gain at 0.775-volt sensitivity.
  • 71:1 12% or 37 dB 1 dB gain at 1.4-volt sensitivity.
  • 20:1 3% or 26 dB 0.25 dB gain at the 26-dB gain setting.

Required AC Mains: 50 or 60 Hz; 100-, 120-, 200-, 208-, 230-, 240-VAC (10%).

AC Line Current,
Current, voltage and frequency requirements are provided on the units back panel.

At Idle: All units draw 90 watts or less.

AC Line Connector: 10 AWG cordset with NEMA TT30P plug is provided on 120 VAC, 60 Hz North American units.


Frequency Response: 0.1 dB from 20 Hz to 20 kHz at 1 watt.

Phase Response: 10 degrees from 10 Hz to 20 kHz at 1 watt.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio,A-weighted:
Better than 105 dB below rated 1-kHz power.

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 1-kHz rated power, 0.05% or less true THD.

Intermodulation Distortion (IMD): (60 Hz and 7 kHz at 4:1) Less than 0.05% from rated power to 35 dB below rated power at 8 ohms.

Damping Factor: Greater than 1,000 from 10 Hz to 400 Hz.

Controlled Slew Rate: (Slew rates are limited to useful levels for ultrasonic/RF protection.) Greater than 30 volts per microsecond.


Compressor: A three-position back-panel switch is used to control each channels input compressor. The "fast" setting provides an attack time of 4 milliseconds and a release time of 300 milliseconds; the "slow" setting provides an attack time of 12 milliseconds and a release time of 600 milliseconds; the "off" setting defeats output-driven compression.

Enable: A front-panel push button used to turn the amplifier on and off.

Input Ground Lift: A two-position back-panel switch located on the PIP2-FXQ used to isolate the input audio signal grounds from the AC (chassis) ground.

Level: A front-panel rotary potentiometer for each channel with 31 detents used to control the output level.

Loudspeaker Offset Integration: A two-position back-panel switch for each channel used to turn the loudspeaker protection circuitry on and off. The circuitry protects against DC, off-center woofer cone movement, and unwanted subsonic and ultrasonic frequencies.

Sensitivity: A three-position back-panel switch for each channel used to select input sensitivity: 0.775 volts or 1.4 volts for standard 1-kHz power, or a 26 dB voltage gain.

Stereo/Mono: A three-position back-panel switch used to select Stereo, Bridge-Mono or Parallel-Mono mode.

VZ Mode: A four-position switch for each channel inside the front panel used to control the switching mode of the VZ power supplies.

An amber front-panel LED that shows the on/off status of the low-voltage power supply.

Signal/IOC: A green front-panel LED for each channel that flashes to show amplifier output. If a channels output waveform differs from its input by 0.05% or more, the indicator flashes brightly to show distortion.

ODEP: An amber front panel LED for each channel that shows thermal-dynamic energy reserve. Normally, each ODEP indicator is lit to show available reserve energy. In the rare event that a channel has no reserve, its indicator will dim in proportion to ODEP limiting.

ILoad/ILimit: A two-color (green/red) LED for each channel that shows load current and limit current. They glow green to indicate load current flowing out the amplifier, and they turn red when maximum current is being delivered to the load.


Input Connectors: Balanced three-pin XLR and balanced -inch(6.35-mm) TRS connectors are provided on the factory-installed PIP2-FXQ .

Input Impedance: Greater than 10 kohms, balanced. Greater than 5 kohms, unbalanced.

Input Sensitivity: Settings include 0.775 volts or 1.4 volts for standard 1 kHz power, or a 26 dB voltage gain.

Output Connectors: A multifunction, high-current output block is provided. Crown output blocks include three pairs of connectors for each channel (a total of 12 connectors). This allows multiple loudspeakers to be easily connected to each channel. High current screw terminals and banana jacks are provided which accept spade lugs, banana plugs or bare wire.

Output Impedance: Less than 10 milliohms in series with less than 2.5 microhenries.

DC Output Offset: 10 millivolts.

Output Signal,
Unbalanced, two-channel.

Bridge-Mono: Balanced, single-channel. Channel 1 controls are active; Channel 2 controls are by passed.

Parallel-Mono: Unbalanced, single-channel. Channel 1 controls are active; Channel 2 controls are removed from operation.


Macro-Tech amplifiers are protected against shorted, open or mismatched loads; overloaded power supplies; excessive temperature; chain destruction phenomena; input overload damage; and high-frequency blowups. They also protect loudspeakers from input/output DC and turn-on/turn-off transients.

If unreasonable operating conditions occur, the patented ODEP circuitry will proportionally limit the drive level to protect the output transistor stages, particularly in the case of elevated temperature. Transformer overheating will result in a temporary shutdown of the affected channel; when it has cooled to a safe temperature, the transformer will automatically reset itself. Controlled slew rate voltage amplifiers protect against RF burnouts. And input overload protection is provided by the input compressors and current-limiting resistance at the input.

Turn On: The four second turn-on delay prevents dangerous turn-on transients. It also has "soft start" to avoid tripping the AC circuit breaker by gradually bringing the supplies up to full voltage.


Crown PIP and PIP2 modules including IQ-PIP modules.


Steel chassis with durable black finish, aluminum front panel with Lexan overlay, and specially designed flow-through ventilation from front to back panels.

Cooling: Internal heat sinks with on-demand, proportional forced-air cooling controlled by ODEP. Includes custom heat diffusers and patented circuitry to promote uniform dissipation.

Dimensions: 19-inch (48.3-cm) standard rack mount width (EIA RS-310-B), 5.25-inch (13.3-cm) height, 15.875-inch (40.3-cm) depth behind mounting surface, and 2.875 inches (7.3 cm) in front of mounting surface. Allow 3 inches (7.6 cm) behind the back-panel for adequate air flow.

Net Weight: 77 pounds, 9 ounces (35.2 kg)

Shipping Weight: 88 pounds, 10 ounces (40.2 kg).