Systems Technologies Notes

This page contains a list of links to notes on various aspects of IQ and System Architect products.  
Further information may also be found on the Crown Knowledge Base or the Crown Forums.

All files on this page are in PDF format.

Product(s) Software Discription System Technologies Note:
All Legacy Current Loop devices IQ for Windows        IQNET An IQwin Client computer cannot communicate with an IQNET Server Computer STN001rev1
PIP USP-2 & USP-2CN with CTs Amplifiers IQ for Windows Thermal Meters for the USP-2/USP-2CN read high when installed in a CTs series amplifier. STN002
PIP USP-2 CTS4200 & CTs8100 IQ for Windows Creating Listen Bus buttons on a Custom Control Screen STN003 rev1
USM 810

IQ for Windows
Message Maker

Presets cannot be recalled for a USM-810 using a Trigger or a Hot Apot on a Custom Control Page. Presets cannot be recalled from a third party controller using  a Serial command String. STN004
All TCP/IQ Ethernet Devices TCP IQ Utility
How to get started using TCP/IQ components. STN005
USM-810 IQ for Windows USM-810 Input Gate-Ducking Setup STN006a
PS-8810        PS-8810C IQ for Windows
PS-8810 Input Gate-Ducking Setup STN006b
PS-8810      (non-Cobra-Net) IQ for Windows IQ for Windows software continually opens an update panel locking out the software from being used. STN007
PS-8810      (non-Cobra-Net) IQ for Windows PS-8810 randomly goes OFF and ON line by its self. Random loss of RS-232 communications with 
All TCP/IQ Ethernet Devices IQwic IQwic software cannot find products from a different network via a router. STN009
All Legacy Current Loop devices IQ for Windows Computer doesn't have an RS-232 Port.              Communications to a Legacy IQ 20ma Current Loop system with a computer that doesn't have an RS-232 serial Comm. Port. STN010
PIP USP-2 & USP-2CN with CTs Amplifiers IQ for Windows USP-2 modules with firmware v.1.00x and USP-2CN modules with firmware v.200x cause erratic software monitoring.  Related to TN002 STN011
All TCP/IQ Ethernet Devices IQwic After performing firmware updates or replacing an IQ device for one with having updated firmware recalling a Dataframe file causes the software to report .oif file mismatches. STN012
PIP USP-2  w/CTs amplifiers IQ for Windows CTs amplifiers with USP-2 PIPs show components droping offline in the software for no apparent reason. Amplifiers will lock up requiring a power reset. STN013 rev1
PIP USP-3  USP-3CN       PIP-Lite w/MA02 and CTs amps. IQwic Amplifier-specific information such as Model, Serial Number, Scaling Factor and Date Code are Garbled and not showing up properly. STN014 rev1
All CobraNet Devices System Architect      
IQ for Windows 
Proceedure for updating firmware in CobraNet equipped devices STN015
PIP USP-2  w/CTs amplifiers IQ for Windows The Listen Bus of the USP-2 has noise issues when used in the CTs600 and 1200 amplifiers. STN016 rev2
I-Tech Series n/a I-Tech front panel display is blank but amp works. STN017
I-Tech Series IQwic
System Architect
I-Tech amp will not communicate using a network crossover cable STN025