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Please recommend a paging mic for the Crown 180MA mixer-amp.

I have purchased a Crown 180MA mixer/amp for office use.  I would like to add an office microphone (mostly for paging functions). 
Which Crown microphone would be appropriate for this application? How are these microphones connected to the 3-terminal Phoenix connections on the back of the mixer/amp?  The mics I’ve been looking at have XLR terminal connectors.  Thank you.
Klee Panagon

Reply: While Crown does not make a paging microphone, we are associated with AKG microphones who does. Here is one vendor of the AKG D542ST/S paging mic:

Nearly all professional mics are sold with XLR connectors, and so is this one. You could open the XLR connector with a jeweler’s screwdriver, unsolder the cable wires from the XLR, and connect them to a Phoenix connector. The XLR pin 2 wire goes to Phoenix +; pin 3 goes to Phoenix -, and shield goes to Phoenix ground.

Another option is to cut the mic cable near the XLR connector, strip the end of the cable with a wire stripper, and connect the leads to the Phoenix connector. Usually the light-colored lead goes to +, dark to -, and shield to ground.