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How do I use a GLM-100 or GLM-100E mic with a transmitter?

I have just purchased a Crown GLM-100 condenser mic for a fiddle I play nightly in clubs. I know this is a good mic but I didn't receive any information on how to use it with a wireless transmitter. Please advise!
D. Watson

Reply: Did you get a GLM-100, which has an XLR connector, or a GLM-100E, which has no connector? The GLM-100 requires phantom power and is normally used with a mic cable. The GLM-100E connects directly to a wireless transmitter of your choice, such as Nady, Samson, Shure, AKG, etc. Crown does not make wireless transmitters.

If you got a GLM-100, plug it into a phantom power supply of your choice. Connect the output of the phantom power supply to a wireless transmitter of your choice. You will need to build an adapter cable: female XLR on one end, and a connector that mates with your transmitter's mic input on the other end. Use a single-conductor shielded mic cable about 8 inches long.

Here is the wiring for the adapter cable:
XLR pins 1 and 3 to cable shield to transmitter ground terminal.
XLR pin 2 to cable center conductor to transmitter mic input.

If you got a GLM-100E, you'll need to solder its cable to a connector that mates with your transmitter's mic input.

Below is a link to a document that tells how to wire the GLM-100E to various transmitters. You need to purchase a cable connector that mates with your transmitter mic input, then wire the GLM-100E cable to that connector as described in the document.

Technical Bulletin #3