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Can I order your PZM 30D/6D with 1/4" connectors?

Can I order your PZM 30D/6D with 1/4" connectors? This is to videostream a panel discussion, amplification is optional (small room). I was thinking two microphones for up to four people at a small desk.
Laura A. Czerniak, Old Dominion University, Career Management Center

Reply: Because the PZM-30D and PZM-6D require phantom power, they cannot be wired directly with 1/4" connectors. Phantom works only with 3-pin (XLR) connectors. So, a workaround is to plug the PZM into a phantom power supply, and plug the phantom supply output into a female XLR-to-1/4" adapter cable.

You might prefer to get a Crown PCC-170 microphone instead of a PZM. The PCC-170 has a directional pickup pattern, so it picks up less room acoustics and feedback than a PZM would. The result is a clearer sound. The PCC-170 also requires a phantom power supply.