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Can I mix a GLM-200 with a pickup?

I've got my acoustic guitar already equipped with an undersaddle piezo transducer but I'm looking for a more natural, woody sound. Hearing about your Crown GLM-200 microphone, it seems to me that using the two sources and mixing them in a console would give better results.
Yves Geleff, French songwriter and country singer.

Reply: Yes, the sound will be more natural if you mix in a microphone. Here are two suggested GLM miking methods:
1. Using the supplied clip, mount a GLM-200 hypercardioid mic about 2 inches from where the fingerboard meets the guitar body.
2. Clip or tape a GLM-100 omni mic outside the guitar at the edge of the soundhole.

You will need two separate cables from your guitar: (1) one from the pickup to a direct box and from there to a mixer mic input, and (2) one from the GLM into a mixer mic input. Adjust EQ as needed.