What is the difference between the LM-201 and the LM-300A series microphones?

The LM-201 and the LM-300A lectern mics both are professional quality electret-condenser mics. They have a supercardioid polar pattern which helps reject background noise and room reverberation, and also improves gain-before-feedback, compared to a mic with a cardioid pattern. They are meant for use on lecterns and pulpits, and in teleconferencing applications.

The LM-201 has a rigid boom arm mounted in a heavy-duty ball-and-socket swivel mount. It is extremely rugged and ready to withstand daily use. The mic capsule is shock mounted to reduce handling noise and lectern thumps.

The LM-300A is a dual-gooseneck mic with a slender, low-profile design a perfect choice where appearance is more important than ruggedness or shock mounting. It plugs into an XLR-type female panel or cable connector.

Various models are available with different boom lengths:
LM-201: 16"
LM-300A: 12.25"
LM-300AL: 17"

The LM-SM is a shock mount for the LM-300A and LM-300AL.