What are the differences between IQ-PIP modules?

There are four models of IQ PIP modules currently available. These include the IQ-P.I.P.-MEM, IQ-P.I.P.-SMT, IQ-PIP-USP2, and IQ-PIP-USP2/CN. The IQ-PIP-USP2 is Crown's second-generation DSP IQ PIP and offers the most power and flexibility of all the IQ PIP models, yet it has the lowest cost of all IQ PIPs. Being PIP2 models, the IQ-PIP-USP2 and IQ-PIP-USP2/CN can only be used with PIP2 amplifiers such as the CT "10" Series, the Macro-Tech "02" series, and the Macro-Tech 5000VZ. The other modules may be used with either PIP2 or standard PIP compatible Crown amplifiers. Go here for more info on PIP vs. PIP2. The IQ-PIP-USP2 and IQ-PIP-USP2/CN each use RJ-45 IQ Bus data loop connectors, while the IQ-P.I.P.-MEM and IQ-P.I.P.-SMT each use DIN IQ Bus data loop connectors. The IQ-P.I.P.-MEM, IQ-P.I.P.-SMT, IQ-PIP-USP2 and IQ-PIP-USP2/CN each have an AUX port. The biggest differences between the models from the standpoint of function have to do with the software feature sets. The IQ-P.I.P.-MEM offers the basic feature set. This includes monitoring levels, distortion, and thermal status plus control of power, mute, attenuation, and other fundamental functions common to most of the modules. The IQ-P.I.P.-SMT takes the basic feature set and adds input compression, output limiting, thermally driven compression, auto-standby, and advanced error reporting. These added features are called the Smart Amp feature set. The IQ-PIP-USP2 adds digital signal processing and real-time load supervision to the basic and Smart Amp feature sets. DSP processing includes delay and user configurable filters for each channel. The IQ-PIP-USP2/CN offers the same feature-set as the IQ-PIP-USP2, while adding CobraNet(TM) network compatibility.