PCC-160 or PCC-170 for stage and table use?

I am about to purchase a number of PCC-160s for stage use on the floor in a theater. We also do panel discusions where at least 7 to 8 people sit at a 10 foot long table on one side facing forward. Which of these microphones are better suited for dual duty on the floor as well as on the table? I orignally wanted the 160s but the 170s have a nice sleek look. If they  can do the job of the 160s, I would get those instead.
Sheldon Harris

Reply: The PCC-160 is rugged enough to be stepped on, which might be an important feature for stage use. Also, the PCC-160 has more treble (an emphasized high-frequency response) than the PCC-170, which aids intelligibility in theater use.

The PCC-170 has a flatter response, which sounds more natural in table use. Stepping on its grille, however, will deform it.

You could use PCC-160 mics in either application if you turn down the high-frequency EQ a few dB when the mics are used on a table. You could use PCC-170 mics in either application if you turn up the high-frequency EQ a few dB for stage use, and instruct the actors to not step on the microphones.