PZM-11LL signal level too low?

I'm recording the signal of a PZM-11LL line-level mic into a DVD recorder, but the recorded level seems low. What can I do?
Lorn Penn
Reply: The signal level of the PZM-11LL is 1.4 volts at 94 dB SPL. But at a quiet conversation level of 70 dB SPL, the signal level is 0.09 volt. That is 12 dB lower than the nominal input level of a DVD recorder, which is about 0.35 volt.
To get 12 dB more gain, you could either use a mic preamp set for minimal gain, or use a 1:4 step-up transformer such as Radio Shack part no. 274-016, A3F XLR jack-to-1/4" plug adapter/transformer.