Should I use Bridge Mono or Parallel Mono?

Generally, the deciding factor to this dilemma is the total speaker load impedance you wish to drive. With Micro-Tech and Macro-Tech amplifiers you would want to use Bridge Mono to get the most power available when driving 8 or 4-ohm loads (one or two 8 ohm speakers). With a Power-Tech or Com-Tech amplifier you need to stay at 8 ohms or greater. Parallel Mono can be used when driving lower impedance loads. A one-ohm load can be driven Parallel Mono with a Micro-Tech or Macro-Tech. With a Power-Tech or Com-Tech amplifier you can drive down to two ohms in Parallel Mono. The biggest advantage of using Parallel Mono is when you have an odd number of speakers, such a three. Instead of leaving the amplifier in the dual mode and driving two on one side and one on the other, you can parallel all three and drive them Parallel Mono. This way the power is distributed equally to all three speakers.