What mic would you recommend for voiceover and acoustic guitar?

I want a condenser mic to use with Presonus Firebox mainly to record spoken voiceovers; I may also want to use it to record electro-classical guitar either with or without the amp. It's just for home studio use, so cheaper would be preferable.

Reply: I'd recommend the Crown CM-700 cardioid condenser microphone. It's very high fidelity. Street price is about $250-$300. When recording spoken voiceovers, be sure to use a hoop-type pop filter a few inches in front of the microphone. You can fabricate one from a bent coathanger (or darning hoop) and a nylon stocking. When recording a classical guitar, a suggested starting placement is about 12 to 18 inches in front, aiming at the spot where the fingerboard joins the guitar body.