How should I mike a wedding? (3 of 3)

Using a camcorder, I need to record a wedding ceremony and also the band at the reception. What mics do you recommend? Is phantom power required?
Eddie Eastwood

Reply: Try a clip-on miniature omnidirectional mic (lavalier mic) on the minister, at chest height, to pick up the ceremony. The minister's mic will pick up the bride and groom. A suitable Crown model is the GLM-100. An alternative microphone is the Crown PZM-30D boundary microphone, which can be placed on the floor near the ceremony, about 1 meter from where the minister will stand. Set the high-frequency switch in the PZM-30D to "rising." This will boost the high frequencies and will aid intelligibility.

A suggested microphone to pick up the reception music is the Crown CM-700. It is a professional-quality cardioid condenser microphone. If you are recording in mono, place the mic about 2 meters from one of the band's PA speakers, aiming at the band, so that the mic picks up both the PA speaker and the band itself. (Try taping a rehearsal or sound check to determine a good microphone position.)

All Crown mics require a phantom power supply, such as the Crown PH-1A. Connect the phantom power supply between the microphone and the camcorder mic input.

When you record the band, be careful that the mic's output signal does not overload your camcorder mic input. You might need to insert a 10 dB or 20 dB microphone pad between the phantom power supply output and the camcorder input. Such a pad is available from (see the mic accessories section, problem solvers).