Why does my Sound Grabber have a low signal level?

[Paraphrased for brevity] I am using a Sound Grabber into an Azden WM-PRO transmitter, but the signal level is very low.
Mike Sparkes

Reply: That Azden transmitter is made to work only with mics that are designed to be powered from the transmitter. According to Azden, the WM-PRO mic input is tip-sleeve. DC and the mic hot signal are on the tip. Impedance is 600 ohms.

To fix the problem, construct an adapter as follows:
1. Solder a 4.7 microfarad electrolytic capacitor between the hot terminals of a 1/8" phone jack and a 1/8" phone plug. Put the Plus side of the capacitor toward the phone plug.
2. Wire the jack ground to the plug ground.
3. Plug the Sound Grabber into the adapter phone jack.
4. Plug the adapter phone plug into the transmitter.

The capacitor will block the DC from the transmitter so the mic should work. However, the 600-ohm input impedance of the transmitter will load down the Sound Grabber so it may not have much bass. Use the battery inside the Sound Grabber to power it.