What is the range of motion of an LM-201 arm?

Hello from Australia. Congratulations on the quality of the information presented in the Microphone Forum section of the Crown web site. What is the maximum arc through which the LM-201 and LM-201L lectern mics may be swiveled? Also, I see from tip #7 that the assumed working distance from capsule to lips is 8 inches for this model. What is considered to be the closest distance at which a prudent user would work with this model?
John J Kenny

Reply: Thanks, John. Below is a diagram that shows the range of motion of the LM-201 arm.The arm rotates +/- 15 degrees horizontally and 74 degrees vertically. The closest working distance would be about 3 inches; the sound gets progressively more bassy as you approach the mic. Also, breath pops are a problem with close miking. It's best to use the mic with its foam windscreen to reduce breath pops.