Where else can I attach the CM-311A beltpack?

I have a Crown CM311A with the belt-clip bodypack. It is is great except that many of my outfits don’t actually have a “belt” or anything to clip on to. Are there any clever suggestions you have? Maybe tape or Velcro the body pack to my dress?
Emily Clough

Reply: Velcro might not hold the CM-311A beltpack securely if you move around a lot while performing. Here are some other suggestions:

* Wear a belt or elastic band under your clothes, and clip the beltpack to that belt in the small of your back. The elastic band could be an athletic support bandage held together with Velcro.
* Sew a pocket inside your clothing and put the beltpack in the pocket. You might want to cover the beltpack in a Ziplock Baggie to keep out sweat.. Cut a hole in the bottom of the pocket for the mic cable.
* Clip the beltpack to your neckline in the back.
* Put the beltpack in a fanny pack worn under clothing.
* Get a wireless mic transmitter pouchbelt for aerobics instructors. You could wear it under clothing if necessary. One source is:


* Clip the beltpack to a garter belt (Emily's idea!)