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What is the best mic system for a small accordion? GLM type? Wired or wireless? Ideally I'd use one mic for accordion and one mic for vocal into a mini belt clip preamp.
Ms Elli

Reply: WIRELESS OPERATION: The Crown GLM-100E microphone is great for accordion. Does your accordion have tone holes on both sides (one side for the keyboard sounds, the other side for the bass and chord buttons?) If so, you might want to tape a GLM-100E microphone to both sides of your accordion to pick up everything. You would need two wireless transmitters, one per microphone.

Some people put a rubber band on their wrist, and stick a GLM under the rubber band to pick up the keyboard side of the accordion.

The GLM-100E comes without a connector. You would have your store wire the mic to a connector that mates with the wireless transmitter of your choice. The Crown GLM-100ESH already has a connector on it that mates with Shure transmitters.

If you're also doing vocals, you need one transmitter for the accordion mic and another transmitter for the vocal mic, unless you're using the vocal mic with a mic cable.

WIRED OPERATION: Substitute the GLM-100 microphone for the GLM-100E in the text above. The GLM-100 has an XLR output connector and is phantom powered. It does not have a belt pack.



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