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Can the PCC-160 work with a wireless transmitter?

We have a small drama ministry (1-2 performers) that presents at least once a week in a variety of facilities that were built long before electronic sound reinforcement was common. We need fast setup and the ability to reduce cable runs.

We would like to use the PCC-160 mic instead of lavalier mics to reduce the noise from on-stage costume changes and unexpected dead spots encountered when the performer moves about the stage.

Would it be reasonable to mate a PCC-160/PH-1A combination with a wireless transmitter? This would eliminate the ambient noise issue from the lav mic and dead spots could be dealt with (by relocating the transmitter or receiver) prior to the performance.  

What is the battery life of the PH-1A when used with the PCC-160? Does the PCC-160's sensitivity change when powered by the PH-1A, which supplies 18V phantom power ?
Bob Schneider

Reply: Yes, you can connect the XLR connector of the PCC-160 to a transmitter input . (Actually, you'd  plug the PCC-160 into a PH-1A phantom power supply, and connect the output of the PH-1A to the transmitter.) To do that, you need to make an adapter cable. It's a 1-conductor shielded cable with a female XLR on one end and a Switchcraft TA4F connector on the other end (or whatever connector your transmitter requires). For details, see the question in this knowledge base, in the Wireless Applications category, "How do I convert a CM-311A to wireless?"

The approximate battery life of the PH-1A is 131 hours when powering the PCC-160. The power to the PCC-160 mic capsule is regulated, so the PCC-160 has the same sensitivity with 18V phantom as it does with 48V phantom.

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