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What connector mates with a Sound Grabber II? How do I order the Sound Grabber II online?

I need to purchase a Sound Grabber II for recording classroom lessons. When I check my digital recorder tomorrow, how will I know if I have the right size mic connector? How do I order the Sound Grabber on line?

Reply: The Sound Grabber II has a 1/8" phone-plug connector, but is also supplied with a 1/4" phone-plug adapter. The digital recorder should have a 1/8" phone jack (also called 3.5mm or mini phone jack) or a 1/4" phone jack. Either one will work with the Sound Grabber II.

You can find dealers and prices for the Sound Grabber II online at

Most digital recorders record in stereo, but the Sound Grabber II is mono, so you will hear the Sound Grabber II recording in just one channel on playback. You might want to get a Y adapter from Radio Shack to record the mic on both channels. Part number 42-2156 is a 1/4" jack to two 1/4" plugs. Part number 42-2496 is a 1/8" jack to two 1/8" plugs.

The closer the mic is to the person speaking, the clearer the sound. So if you can put the mic on the lectern, or on a table or desk near the teacher, that will provide the clearest recordings.

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