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document Why did you put an LCD on the front?
To provide real-time diagnostics: thermal headroom, load monitoring, etc.  To provide much of the IQ Network capabilities without the...
document Do I have to use the LCD?
No. The amplifier was designed for simple plug-and-play operation, and can be quickly setup as though it were a traditional amplifier.
document How can I keep unauthorized people from tampering with my settings?
Controls can be fully locked out through front panel LCD or through higher levels of security using IQwic software.
document I don't know anything about networking. Can I get I-Tech's networking up and running quickly without reading a book or taking a class?
In IQWic version 7, a network wizard is included under the Setup Menu to assist in the process of setting up your network. The software looks at your...
document What happens if the network breaks or goes down?
Network communication will stop, but the amplifier will continue to operate as last programmed.
document What happens if the amp loses digital signal?
The analog connections can be configured as backup and the amplifier will switch to those connections automatically.
document Are there filters available for the air inlets?
Yes, two sets are included with the amplifier.
document Are the air filters required? How often should I change them?
Although the amplifier is shipped with air filters, they are not required. If you use the air filters, you should clean or change them frequently...