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document How can I-Tech produce so much power with only a 20A plug?
The combination of Class-I technology and an innovative PFC power supply enables I-Tech to very efficiently draw power from the A/C mains and...
document Isn't Class-I just like other amplifier classes?
No, Class -I amplifiers are a fundamentally different design from all other amplifier classes on the market. Crown has patented the technology...
document How does I-Tech recycle energy from the load?
Class-I is unique in that it always provides an electrical path between the amplifier's output and power supply bulk capacitors. This means that when...
document Why is the I-Tech 2 ohm power number smaller than the 4 ohm power number?
The question may be better stated, "Why is the 4 ohm number so large?" The 4 Ohm number is so large because Class-I is not fundamentally...
document How does Crown measure power?
Output power is measured using the "Maximum Average Power" method. The Maximum Average Power test is designed to be an easy way to more...
document What are your 20Hz to 20kHz specs?
All output power specs for I-Tech are provided at 20Hz to 20kHz.
document I heard that PFC could cause the mains to sag and shut the amplifier down. Will I-Techs PFC do that?
No. I-Tech monitors the mains voltage and gently corrects for this rare phenomenon.
document Are you going to produce a lower-cost version of I-Tech?
When compared to retail pricing of competitive amplifiers with similar specifications you will find that I-Tech is priced VERY competitively, and...
document I don't want to use your DSP. Can I buy I-Tech without DSP?
No. The DSP is an integral part of the I-Tech, not just bolt-on signal processing. By integrating the DSP into I-Tech, Crown engineers have been...
document What kind of filters are available in I-Tech's DSP?
There are 64 filters total within the I-Tech DSP and they can be placed anywhere within the system. In addition to filtering,each possesses up to...
document How many filters are available in I-Tech's DSP?
There 64 filters available in I-Techs DSP.
document How much delay is available in I-Tech's DSP?
I-Tech has over 2 full seconds of delay available on each channel, adjustable in 20 microsecond increments.
document What are the adjustment increments for I-Tech's delay setting?
One 48,000th of a second, or 0.02083 millisecond, or approximately 1/4" or about 1 centimeter.
document Will other signal processors work with I-Tech? I don't want to use the on board DSP.
Yes, any outboard signal processing can be used with I-Tech. You must remember that all DSP has its own inherent latency and this must be considered...
document What is latency, and does I-Tech have a fixed latency?
The latency of a device is the amount of time it takes a signal to travel from the device's input to its output. When using the analog inputs,...
document If I use I-Tech and Macro-Tech to power a stack, do I have to worry about any delay or time alignment?
There is a ~1 ms difference between I-Tech and Macro-Tech amplifiers, as well as any other Crown amplifier using the Grounded BridgeTM output...
document Is post-processed audio available on the analog audio XLR outputs/loop through?
No. Since all I-Tech amplifiers have DSP as standard, post-processed outputs are not necessary.
document I cannot find 26dB gain in the sensitivity menu. Is it available in I-Tech?
Yes, many different sensitivities and gains are available depending on the setting of the max input level switch. Refer to the I-Tech Application...
document What is an attenuator limiter?
An attenuator limiter is a control set via the front panel display or through IQwic software that places a limit or lock on the attenuator at a user...
document How do I set the power limiters on an I-Tech?
Via either the front panel LCD or IQwic software.