History of the CM-310A Handheld Differoid Microphone


The CM-300 was introduced June 1987.

The CM-310 was introduced Nov. 1988.
Compared to the CM-300, the CM-310 had:

  • Lower noise
  • Higher maximum SPL (151 dB)
  • Lower current drain
  • Smoother high end
  • Warmer tonal balance

The CM-310A was introduced in Nov. 1994.
Compared to the CM-310, the CM-310A has:

  • Better handling of powerful breath pops without cutting out or blocking
  • A more streamlined, attractive grille
  • A cleaner sound with reduced midbass

For more information:

White paper:
A High-Fidelity Differential Cardioid Microphone
Audio Engineering Society Preprint Number: 2713 Convention: 85 1988-11
Abstract: Many musicians need a handheld vocal microphone with superior gain-before-feedback and isolation from ambient sounds. A new differential cardioid microphone was developed to meet these needs without sacrificing fidelity. This paper discusses design goals, history of differential mics, and design implementation.

Tech Made Simple document:
Differoid Tech Made Simple