ELKHART, IN - September 2004 -- Major touring and rental companies worldwide are finding out how beneficial it is to switch their amplifier inventory to Crown's I-Tech Series. The world's most advanced power amplifier, I-Tech is Crown's flagship line for the touring and corporate PA markets, with amazing output power and features designed for touring sound applications. Sirius Showequipment AG, a large rental contractor for sound and lighting equipment in Germany, has begun converting their inventory 
to I-Tech.
Wolfgang "Schabbach" Neumann of Sirius commented: "The Crown I-Tech 8000 is the product we have been waiting on for a long time. It's lightweight and extremely powerful. The sonic quality, network capability and the internal speaker processor make it the first choice for our rental stock. Currently we have 12 I-Tech 8000 on the road driving 48 VERTEC 4880 subwoofers on stadium tours at a 2-ohm load. We will be upgrading our amplifier stock to 48 I-Tech amplifiers in the next few months. Each of the 
I-Tech 8000 replaces two of our older Crown 
MA-5002VZ amplifiers.
 You don't have to be a Doctor in mathematics to find out that you save a lot of truck space and weight in your new amplifier racks. For us Crown I-Tech is the number one amplifier on the whole market."

Crown International manufactures amplifiers, microphones, and systems control products for professional audio markets worldwide, with corporate headquarters located in Elkhart, Indiana. For more information, visit Crown online at www.crownaudio.com. Crown is a member of the Harman Professional (HPro) group of Harman International companies. Other HPro audio brands include AKG, AMEK, BSS Audio, dbx Professional, Lexicon Pro, JBL Professional, Soundcraft, and Studer.

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