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ELKHART, Indiana - September 2003 -- HY-PHY PRODUCTIONS, INC. of Cookeville, Tennessee recently chose CTs amplifiers, featuring Crown's patented Class-I technology, to power the United States leg of a tour for Heavy-Metal artists Iron Maiden, Ronnie James Dio and Motorhead. A total of 88 CTs 3000 amplifiers (that's 264,000 watts) are powering the Front Of House and monitor systems. CTs was chosen over popular touring amplifier mainstays based on their excellent audio performance, light weight, and proven durability.

David Phy, Director of Operations for HY-PHY SOUND commented about the choice of CTs for the tour: "The CTs 3000's were chosen after extensive testing at Crown and HY-PHY SOUND. The amplifiers all held up extremely well under our vigorous tests in the shop. The next test was to actually put them on a show. We took them to a 4-day festival for the "Real World" test. The amplifiers and the PA withstood nearly all the elements thrown into the picture, including 3 days of system level bashing of every component by the artist engineers. The amplifiers withstood rain, wind, mud, dust, 100 degree heat, humidity, and all the other hardships related to outdoor festivals." 

The CTs amplifiers are Crown's newest flagship amplifier intended for Installed Sound applications. Though CTs was designed for fixed installation, the switchmode power supply and class-I technologies inside are designed to provide rock-solid performance in demanding applications such as touring.

The difference in performance between CTs and other touring amplifiers was immediately apparent to HY-PHY SOUND when they performed their initial listenings. Phy commented, "I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The CTs 3000 was so loud and clear compared to the other amps in the test, it was unbelievable."

Rusty King, HY-PHY SOUND System Technician on the tour, commented about the performance of the amps, "The system consistently performs well every single night. The levels of a Metal/Rock show can be extreme at times and the Crown CTs 3000's have gone through at least 7 hours of drive-time every show day and 7 more of time in stand by. Night after night of pounding the PA with 106+ A-weighted decibel levels (at Front Of House) and taking the amplifiers within 5 db of clip for each and every moment of the show proved that this "Install" amplifier could make it as this roadies' best friend. An amplifier that I don't have to fix or more likely replace after loading in and out night after night for 2 months is the best advantage to me and my crew."

"The Crown CTs amplifiers have been a real pleasure to work with on this tour" King said. "They have worked well every single night after all the punishment that they receive from everything from the truck driver to the stagehand at load-out and everything in between. Plus, they look great! It would be a shame to hide them in a closet somewhere on an install unless you give guided tours of the amplifier room."

HY-PHY PRODUCTIONS, INC main corporate offices are located in Cookeville, Tennessee. HY-PHY can be reached at 931-528-3574 or visit for further information.

Crown International, a Harman International company, manufactures amplifiers, microphones, and systems control products for professional audio markets worldwide, with corporate headquarters located in Elkhart, Indiana. For more information, please visit Crown online at


Complete Article (pdf file)