Discontinued IQ Network Products

The products listed below are no longer in production. Manuals and Datasheets are provided for the benefit of users of those products.

All documents are in .pdf format.
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Please note: Some documents are scanned from the original, and as a result have a large file size. File size for each document is provided next to the link.

Software files are available from the Software/Firmware Downloads Area

Discontinued Product

Product Documentation

AMB-5 Mixer
AMB-5 Backup Retro Module Installation Instructions
AMB-5 Product Reference
AMB-5 Hardware Installation Manual
AMB5/SMX-6 Reference Manual
AMB-5 Ambient Sensing Mixer/Multiplexer Operation Guide   17MB
AMB-5/MPX-6/SMX-6 Service Manual 
AMB-5/SMX-6 Schematics
DRN-16 Product Reference
DRN-16 Drone Operation  Guide   9.34 MB
DBC Network Bridge Datasheet
DBC Network Bridge Manual
Graphics Plate
Graphics Plate Operation Guide  21.5 MB
Interface II
IQ-INT II Reference Manual
IQ-INT3 Datasheet
IQ-INT3 Operation Manual
IQ-INT3 A&E Spec Sheet
IQ 5.1 Software for Windows IQ Mixers
IQ 5.1 Software Manual   386 KB  
IQ-MC4 and IQ-MC8
IQ-MC4 and IQ-MC8 Manual
IQ-MCA-IQ-MC8 Manual
IQ-MC4 and IQ-MC8 Data Sheet
IQ Mixer/Multiplexer (AMB-5, MPX-6, SMX-6)
IQ Mixer/Multiplexer (AMB-5, MPX-6, SMX-6) Installation Manual  514KB
IQ AMB-5/IQ SMX-6 Reference Manual 1 .28 MB
IQ-MSD Turbo Software
IQ-Turbo 1.4 Software Product Reference
IQ-MSD Turbo Software User Manual   1.37 MB
IQ-MSD Turbo 1 Software Users Manual   26.7 MB  
IQ-MSD Turbo 1.4 Software for DOS Product Reference   99.4 KB
IQ-MSD Software
IQ-MSD 1 Manual
IQ-MSD Sys-Config II
IQ-MSD Sys-Config II Manual
IQ-MC4 / IQ-MC-8
IQ-MC4/IQ-MC8 Reference Manual
IQ-MC4/IQ-MC8 Datasheet
IQ-PIP Operation Guide    7.89 MB
IQ-PIP Owners Manual 6.6MB
IQ-P.I.P.-AP Owners Manual 5.5MB
IQ-P.I.P.-DSP Reference Manual
IQ-P.I.P.-MEM Manual
IQ P.I.P.-SLM Product Reference
IQ P.I.P.-SLM Reference Manual
IQ-P.I.P.-SMT Reference Manual  
IQ-PIP-USP2 Manual
IQ-PIP-USP2 Data Sheet
IQ-PIP-USP2/CN Data Sheet
IQ-PIP-USP2 Adapter
IQ-PIP-USP2 Adapter Data Sheet
IQ-PIP-USP2 Adapter Manual
IQ-RPT Reference Manual
IQ-RPT3 Datasheet
IQ-RPT3 A&E Spec Sheet
IQ-SLM8 Manual
IQ Sys-Config II Software
IQ-Sys-Config II Software Product Reference
IQ System
IQ System Troubleshooting Guide
IQ-USM 810
IQ-USM 810 Manual
IQ-USM 810 Data Sheet
IQ-USM 810 A&E Spec Sheet
IQ-USM 810 Service Manual
IQ-USM 810 Schematics (zipped)
MPX-6 Mixer
MPX-6 Product Reference
MPX-6 Hardware Installation Manual
MPX-6 Mixer/Multiplexer Operation Guide  2.61 MB
AMB-5/MPX-6/SMX-6 Service Manual
MRX-12/12S Matrixers
MRX-12/12S Product Reference  344KB
MRX Matrixer Operation Guide  3.89 MB
MRX-24/24S Matrixers
MRX-24/24S Product Reference  593KB
PSI Product Reference
PSI Reference Manual
SMX-6 Mixer
SMX-6 Backup Retro Module Installation Instructions
SMX-6 Product Reference
SMX-6 Hardware Installation Manual
AMB5/SMX-6 Reference Manual
SMX-6 Sensing Mixer/Multiplexer Operation Guide   11.4 MB
AMB-5/MPX-6/SMX-6 Service Manual 
AMB-5/SMX-6 Schematics