Crown’s new 12SP [now the PZM-30D] model offers studio quality in recording, sound reinforcement, broadcasting and electronic news gathering for the experienced professional. It looks like a Sound Grabber but without the attached cable, and with a flat back end rather than a tapered back end.

The 12SP is designed for phantom powering by a supply providing 12 to 48 volts. It features a transformer balanced, low-impedance output and an integral XLR connector; wide, smooth frequency response with high-frequency emphasis for brilliance; low noise and high output level; a hemispherical pickup pattern; high sensitivity and excellent reach for clear pickup of distant sounds.

In operation, the ruggedly constructed 12SP can be placed on a surface such as a floor, table, or lectern; used as a hand-held microphone; or affixed to a surface near a sound source such as the underside of a raised grand piano lid.

The PZM-12SP has a bright, crisp sound like the PZM-30GP, but is designed for somewhat different applications. Since it weighs very little, the 12SP can be safely attached to ceilings or suspended panels. And it includes a handle for easy stand mounting - say, over drums.

The housing and plate are made of conductive carbon-filled nylon, which provides better RF shielding than other lightweight alternatives. Being non-resonant, this material doesn’t “ring” when subjected to shock. The integral handle permits the microphone to be hand-held, stand-mounted, or simply laid on any hard surface. Built-in electronics adapt the unit for phantom powering.