Introduction to the TCP/IQ Addressing Worksheet

The TCP/IQ Addressing Worksheet is a list of valid TCP/IP addresses on a stand-alone network. If the TCP/IQ network is going to be shared with other people, check with the Network Administrator for their addressing scheme. Without getting into all of the networking rules, the table lists 40 network addresses out of a possible 65,534 addresses on this network. There are other addresses that are valid; these are just shown as a starting point.

  • The Subnet Mask for all components, including the computer, needs to be set to
  • Each computer running IQwic software must have a subnet mask of It also must be assigned one of the addresses listed on the following table.
  • A space has been left to the right of all the addresses. This area is for your notes, such as the IQ address or the component type.

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