Featuring a unique, patented design, the SASS-P MK II stereo PZM microphone represents the pinnacle of the PZM technology at Crown. With its carefully controlled polar patterns and accurate human-ear spacing between its capsules, it produces a well-focused, natural stereo image without a "hole in the middle." The microphone is ideal for recording classical music ensembles, pipe organ, ambience, and audience reaction in stereo. It also works beautifully for miking a drum set overhead.

The SASS-P MK II features a wide frequency response, ease of use, and low pickup of mechnical noise and wind noise. Included with the SASS-P MK II is a sturdy foam-lined carrying case, hand grip, mic-stand thread adapter, and windscreen.

The SASS-P MK II HC is a lower cost model that omits the carrying case and accessories. It is ideal for schools, providing easy stereo recording of school bands, choirs, orchestras and soloists.

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Applications-related documents: 
Surround miking with the SASS (pdf file)

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