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Product Overview

The Crown Macro-Tech® Series: no compromises, no gimmicks. Just brilliant engineering backed by superior manufacturing, support, and an unsurpassed commitment to quality. Like all Crown amplifiers, the defining characteristic of the Macro-Tech Series is sonic accuracy. A tight, rock-solid low end, with smooth, detailed highs and a well-defined midrange. In short, the most accurate reproduction of an audio signal you have ever heard. And because we put the quality of sound above all else, a Crown amplifier is the most coveted in the business.

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Product Details

Ultra-Low Distortion

Crown's patented Grounded Bridge™ circuitry generates incredible voltage swings with ultra-low distortion and superior reliability.
ODEP® Protection

Patented Output Device Emulation Protection (ODEP) protects the amplifier and keeps the show going under adverse conditions that cause lesser amplifiers to fail. Front panel indicators show each channel's ODEP status. Several PIPTM modules also provide powerful ODEP-driven features.
Distortion Indicator

Advanced Input/Output Comparator (IOC(R)) alerts you if the amplifier causes any distortion of 0.05% or more.

PIP Compatibility

Accommodates Programmable Input Processor (PIP) accessories that are used to customize the amplifier for specific applications. Macro-Tech 02-Series amps are PIP2 compatible.

Selectable Mono Modes

Bridge-Mono mode provides double output voltage and Parallel-Mono mode provides double output current from a single channel.

Selectable Sensitivities

Choose from three input sensitivities: 0.775 volts or 1.4 volts for full rated power into 8 ohms, or a voltage gain of 26 dB.

Detented Level Controls

Detented level controls make it easy to set and reset precise levels.

VZ Power Supply Technology

The Macro-Tech 3600VZ and 5002VZ use patented power-supply technology which provides enormous power density and an optimum power match with a wide range of loads.

Current Indicator

(Macro-Tech 5002VZ only) Cutting edge current flow/current limit (ILOAD/ILIMIT) indicators tell you if current is flowing to the loads, and if the loads demand more current than the amplifier can deliver.

On-Board Compressors

(Macro-Tech 5002VZ only) Each channel has a custom compressor that reduces peak signal levels during input overload and output clipping. The compressors can be set for fast or slow operation, or turned off for output clipping.

Loudspeaker Offset Integration (LOI) 

(Macro-Tech 5002VZ only) Each channel has a high-performance loudspeaker protection circuit that compensates for DC offset to protect woofers, and filters ultrasonic frequencies to protect tweeters.

THX® Approved

 (Macro-Tech 2402 and 5002VZ only) Lucasfilm® approved for THX sound system installations.



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