VRack Complete Amplification System

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Product Overview

VRack is a rugged touring rack fitted with three Crown I-Tech HD Series power amplifiers, power input panel, custom-engineered input/output panels that is available in two configurations: VRack12000 and VRack4x3500 are loaded with three I-Tech 12000HD and three I-Tech 4x3500HD, respectively. 

Apart from the performance advantage of a standard package ensuring that VTX Series enclosures are optimally powered and processed, VRack ensures compatibility for cross rental between VTX Network Partners. Since VRack is supplied with all components installed and internally connected, there is also no need for laborious rack building; no chance that a component might be improperly connected; and a dramatically lower chance of connection failure.


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Powered by Crown

Powered by Crown



Product Details


 Crown OmniDriveHD™ Digital Signal Processing, including:

  • LevelMAX™ Limiters
  • Audibly superior FIR Filters
  • One amplifier per phase
  • Innovative Power Factor Correction technology
  • Optimal output at all AC main voltages and frequencies
  • 5 pin CEE form and 5 pin Hubbell Twist Lock



 Innovative software allows:

  • Monitoring and adjustment on rack-by-rack basis
  • All changes for all 3 amps made with one interface
  • Monitors input metering (peak and RMS), output metering (peak and RMS)and overall gain reduction
  • Built-in network and AES failover protects speakers in case of AC mains loss
  • Standardized package configurations designed to optimize speaker performance
  • Greater cross-renting options with “go anywhere” capability



  • Allows multiple configurations for different types of speakers
  • AES, Analog and Network inputs for multiple connections
  • Dimensions permit easy shipment: US and European truck configurations, sea containers, etc.
  • Captive suspension provides lifting and hoisting options for venue flexibility
  • Run 120VAC or 208VAC (US) or 220VAC to 240VAC (international) with the flip of a switch


Model   2-ohm 2.7-ohm 4-ohm 8-ohm 4-ohm 8-ohm

20 Hz - 20 kHz

2000 2800  2500 1250 4000 5000

20ms Burst

3000  2700 2500   1500    

20 Hz - 20 kHz

2800  4200 3500 1500 5600 7000

20ms Burst

4700  4300 3500  1700     

20 Hz - 20 kHz

3750 5400  4500 2100 7500 9000

20ms Burst

6000  5400  4500 2400     











I-Tech HD Data Sheet/Specifications


I-Tech 4x3500HD DUAL BRIDGED    
  2-ohm 2.7-ohm  4-ohm 8-ohm 4-ohm 8-ohm   70VRMS  100VRMS

20 Hz - 20 kHz 
(All Channels Driven) 

2100 2200 2400 1900 4200 4800     2100     2300

20ms Burst

3500 3800 4000 2100 7000 6000    







I-Tech 4x3500HD Data Sheet/Specifications



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