New CTs 4200 and 8200 multi-channel amps ideal for cinema system use
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LAS VEGAS, Nevada - March 2002 -- Crown International takes advantage of ShoWest this year to roll out the first two products in its new CTs Series, the CTs 4200 four-channel amplifier and CTs 8200 eight-channel amplifier. Both units uniquely offer a range of low-impedance (4 and 8 Ohms) and direct constant voltage (70V and 100V) outputs to accommodate a limitless number of applications, from driving theater mains to powering ceiling speakers in concession areas to running emergency paging facilities.

Not only are the CTs 4200 and 8200 particularly well-suited for multiple surround sound uses thanks to their number of independent channels, but channel pairs may be bridged in order to accommodate mid-power passive systems and low-frequency enclosures, says Stephen Morris, Crown International marketing director for cinema and installed sound. These amplifiers are also outfitted with new IQ and VCA features, which permit them to be inexpensively monitored and controlled from a remote location, such as a projection booth or central control room.

Crown further announces future plans to include a CobraNet digital audio input option that will enable the CTs 4200/8200 to support digital cinema applications. Last year, Crown became the worlds first amplifier manufacturer to offer direct CobraNet compatibility with the launch of its USP2/CN module.

The 2U CTs 4200 and 3U CTs 8200 are each housed in a lightweight, all-steel chassis and utilize Crowns proven AB+B Multi-Mode output topology to deliver the maximum reliability that has long been the manufacturers hallmark. The use of a highly efficient new switch mode power supply greatly reduces overall amplifier weight and enables even the eight-channel model to benefit from the use of a standard 15 Amp IEC power connector. 

Both amplifiers also feature sophisticated protection circuitry, including a new FIT (Fault Independent Topology) design that isolates any fault conditions without affecting neighboring channels. A new AC line voltage monitor protects the amplifier by shutting it down in the event of an over- or under-voltage condition, and then flashes the blue power indicator light for quick troubleshooting.

Built-in High Pass Filters permit low frequencies to be rolled off for constant voltage applications. Efficient heat sinks and a fully proportional-speed fan provide fast and even heat dissipation for extra amplifier protection and extended component life.

Sleek and sophisticated in appearance, the only user control on the face of each amplifier is a single power button, while a comprehensive array of front-panel LEDs clearly indicate channel mode status, channel activation, IQ status, signal strength, thermal protection, clip and fault. 

Rear panels feature removable Phoenix-style input connectors and barrier block output connectors. Each channel is equipped with its own precision detented volume control, and mode switches for channel pairs allow simple configuration for either low-impedance or constant voltage use. Slots for Crown accessory modules, including the CobraNet input option, are also found on the back panel in addition to a detachable 15 Amp IEC Inlet.

Both amplifiers build upon the heritage of Crowns original Com-Tech line of two-channel amplifiers designed for fixed installations by delivering high power and maximum flexibility at surprisingly cost-effective prices. And, like all of Crowns amplifiers, CTs products are backed by the manufacturers industry-exclusive Three-year, No-fault, Fully Transferable Warranty.

Minimum guaranteed power ratings are as follows:

Power per channel with all channels driven:
CTs 4200: 260W into 4Ω; 200W into 8Ω; 220W at 70V
CTs 8200: 200W into 4Ω; 160W into 8Ω; 200W at 70V

Power per channel pair in Bridge-Mono mode with all channels driven:
CTs 4200: 520W into 8Ω; 400W into 16Ω; 220W at 100V; 440W at 140V
CTs 8200: 400W into 8Ω; 320W into 16Ω; 200W at 100V; 400W at 140V

For more details on the new CTs Series, visit Crowns website at or contact the Crown Technical Support Group at (800) 342-6939 or (574) 294-8200.

Crown International, a Harman International company, manufactures amplifiers, microphones and systems control products for professional audio markets worldwide, with corporate headquarters located in Elkhart, Indiana.

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March 2002