Crown Microphones

Crown offers several series or "families" of microphones, each with unique applications. Please select a series below. You'll view a description of each series, along with a list of data sheets and product photos.

  • CM Series - Conventional Microphones (handheld, headworn, hanging, stand-mounted)
  • GLM Series - Great Little Microphones (miniature)
  • LM Series - Lectern Microphones
  • MB Series - Mini-Boundary™ Microphones (miniature conference microphones)
  • PCC Series - Phase Coherent Cardioid microphones (unidirectional boundary microphones)
  • PZM Series - Pressure Zone Microphone (omnidirectional boundary microphones)
  • SASS - Stereo Ambient Sampling System (stereo PZM microphone) 
  • Sound Grabber II - Low-cost PZM microphone
  • Microphone Accessories - Phantom power supplies, shock mounts, etc.