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Xti2000 --> Xti4002 , worth the jump? or i-tech 4k ~ 6k

01 May 2014 - 10:08 AM


Im wondering if it is worth the switch, I use it for home use, powering 2 10" subwoofer rated 800rms each, strictly for sub-60/80hz use... movies mostly, sometime the xti2000 clips when the bass recording peaks... I was wondering if the Xti4002 would solve this problem, I figured its simply because the xti2000 might not have enough juice for my application, dunno if the extra ~400rms on the xti4002 would make a difference

So Im not sure if its worth it... or should I simply wait to find a good deal on some i-tech4k or 6k? since they have a whole different design and architecture (i think), might be lot easier and more futureproof for low frequency application?

Keeping the Xti2000 vertically ? yay or nay?

14 December 2013 - 09:25 PM


I've had this amplifier for a good 7-years, when they came out I think... lol, I must say it is still rock solid and pumping the power I need!
Anyways, silly question but I just want to be safe and keep this thing going strong for a lifetime I hope lol... I'm thinking of setting up the amplifier vertically due to space concern, but I would'nt do it if it has a potential to damage or mess up something internally on the long run... Thinking of keeping it vertically for about 2years....