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Crown Service helped me

15 December 2013 - 09:09 AM

Hello All,
Amongst my other crown amps I own/use:
- four xti4000's (first version)
- three it6000's (first version)
- one it8000 (first version)

Recently I deveolped a problem with one of the xti's: channel two showed signal being passed; LED's on front panel indicated signal/output but no signal going to speaker.  The other channel was fine.

I called crown service with the serial # of the unit.  I mentioned to service that there is a well-known issue with the ribbon cable / front panel on the original-run of the series.  I also emailed crown the serial #'s of my remaining xti and itech serial #'s.

The result: Crown sent me (free of charge) new front panels/ribbon cables for my xti amps plus new ribbon cables for all of my itechs.

I have changed-out two of the front panels on my xti's (about 10 mins to do so) and they are up and running without a hitch.

Within the next week I will spend an afternoon to upgrade my remaining amps.

I feel that Crown took care of me.

Mike M

Generator use with crown amps

13 June 2013 - 09:41 PM

A yearly gig that I provide sound production for has changed HS football field venues this time around.  In the past I have always had wall-power (one 20 amp circuit) to run my rig (rack of: one XS4300, one XTI4000, and one IT6000 all run stereo/non-bridged) for a 3-way Yorkville TX system.  The DJ has had the lights "dimming with the beat" but has not tripped a breaker in past years...
All of that said, this year's event has changed venues to a HS football field where there will not be any "hard-wired" power.  This event will have donated generator power for lighting a football field plus providing power for the stage.
I have powered my rack with a Honda EU3000is generator in the past with no problems, however, I have never run my rig off of an industrial (non-inverter) generator.

My question for Crown tech's (and anyone else with practical experience):

- Can my above-listed amps run on a "non-inverter" generator?

I can "cobble together" a rack of two Crown K2's and one Crown K1 to limp through the gig. (Will K1/2 amps work with non-inverter amps?) It will probably not "cut it" (be loud enough) as my regular racks/rig (with proper power) would......  

Bottom line:
Can the below-listed Crown amps be powered by a non-inverter (industrial) generator?
- XTI4000
- XS4300
- IT6000
- KI
- K2

I never had this problem when my rig consisted of microtech amps (back in the 90's)...heavy as *beep*...but would run anywhere......

Please advise.

Mike Monte

Are first generation Itechs supported at this time?

25 May 2013 - 06:10 AM

My 3 racks consist of one Crown xs4300, one XTI4000, and one IT6000 per rack.
They have been bullet-proof (aside from a ribbon-cable issue in 2 of the Itechs....once the ribbon cable issues were corrected, they have worked flawlessly).

I assume that the xs4300 may not be supported by Crown anymore (is it?).

Are the first generation Itechs still supported (can I send them in for service) by Crown?  I have been reading in other forums that they are not supported.  I live in the US.

I am hoping that my racks will serve me as well (or better/longer) than my original Microtech racks....20+ years (they would probably be still working for me if I hadn't sold them).
Please advise.
Mike Monte