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Crown XS4300 hum

09 January 2016 - 05:26 PM

I own 5 crown xs4300 power amplifiers the oldest of which is approximately 10+ years old.

Recently (New Years Eve to be exact) my oldest xs4300 unit started emitting a hum on channel 1 although the channel passed audio.

The particular rack the unit is in is used approximately 10 times per year for outdoor concert and indoor (rather loud) DJ'd events.

The hum does not seem to be consistent though..... I can power the rack up and all is fine but after a while the hum starts....or sometimes there is no hum for hours..

I have disconnected the signal source for the amp and the hum is still present when there is only the amp hooked up to the speaker...I have also swapped speaker cables.

Since I use the rack for "sound for hire" gigs I cannot afford to have issues...

Maybe it's a "ribbon cable issue" as per the original xti amps...  Should I open the amp up and re-seat the ribbon cables??  

I am sure that the unit is out of warranty....

Does Crown still service these units?

Please advise.