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In Topic: XTi1002 Dead CH2

Today, 08:24 AM

Thanks for the input! Yes, the info may become handy! I Haven't discovered this type of fault yet!


In Topic: XTI4000 Phase reversal

Today, 08:20 AM

(You don't mention if the XTIs are used for Bass or Subs. What are your crossover points?
A few previous posts suggests to use the SUM (A+B) inputs (do not use the Y feature), instead of using one input per side. Have both sides run to the amp, SUM the inputs and Bridge the outputs.
Note : 4 ohms Bridge is brutal for bass (it's as though you were running 2 ohms load per side!). Beware of thermal irregularities!

To check if bass is in phase :
  • Put the amp in DUAL mode;
  • Using the 'Y' input, inject a low frequency signal (ex.110/220Hz, low 'A') into both channels;
  • Position the bass cabinets facing one in front of the other; Notice the apparent loudness of the bass cabs;
  • Bring the cabinets closer :
  • - if the bass seems to 'increase' in volume : you are in phase;
  • - if the bass seems to 'decrease' in volume when the cabs get closer, then the cabs are out of phase.
  • You may also have to check the input balanced cable for phase (pin 2 hot, pin 3 cold).
Hope this helps!

In Topic: Crown XLS 1000 - Thermal Lights

Today, 07:59 AM

You know what? From the beginning I've been describing the XTI1000 display module! The XLS is different from the XTI amplifier.
The probable cause of the XLS display malfunction could be caused by bad LV rails or a faulty IC (CPU). The solution would have been to swap the display module in any case (or the main board!).
Finally, the replacement was done and you're happy with your unit returned and back in your rack! :)


In Topic: "infamous ribbon cable"

Today, 07:51 AM

Hello Nathan,

Unfortunately, I have to recommend to replace the display board : cable and connector and LCD backlight issues are annoying.
P/N 138912-5. It is a more robust display module for the DSI amp than the previous versions. (Note: XTI display p/n : 138911-5)


In Topic: Need guidance on new amp

15 August 2014 - 08:57 AM

This is trickier : I suggest using the mixer's VU or output level indicators.

Amplifier levels to minimum; Inject a 1Khz signal into the [mixer] system; Move [the mixer's] output faders to read '0' VU on the mixer; Bring up the amplifiers levels to the point that you want, to the Clip indicator, if you wish, but not any higher! This Clip indicator tells you to not go higher, you are on the cusp of distortion! :) If the sound is too loud at clipping, then lower the amp's levels.  You now have nominal level indication with the mixer's VU and the amps. This now becomes your visible cue.

Also, in regards to your initial setup : Try going mono! Then, you can have the [2] JBLs on one channel and [2] Behrs on the other! Then you can place the speakers where you like! And you have the opportunity to play with the volumes of the speaker pairs. Of course, speaker cables may need to be 'altered'!

Hope this helps!