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Which Macro Tech amps for Peavey DTH4 tops & DTH218 subs

24 May 2014 - 08:01 PM

Hi all..I'm new here as a member but have followed from time to time.
I perform and run the pa in a local rock covers band in venues up to 1000 people.
My rig consists of
Makie 24ch desk
Behringer 2or 3way stereo 4way mono active crossover
Behringer Effects
Behringer fbq6200 graphic on the FOH / mains
1x Crown Macro Tech 2400
Pair of Peavey DTH2 top cabs (1x15 & horn) 400w @8ohm continuous

I'm now mic'ing the whole band up including drums.

My thoughts and questions are these....,
I've recently bought a pair of peavey DTH4 tops (2x15 & horn) 600w @ 4ohm continuous to replace my existing DTH2's
And a pair of peavey DTH218 subs (2x18) 1000w @ 4ohm continuous.

I wish to run the subs with a separate macro tech 3600vz @ 1300w 4ohm stereo (prefer stereo rather than bridge mono so not pushing the amp)
How suitable is this?  (I don't want the expense of the 5000vz)
These can also be biamp'd each 18" unit is 500w @ 8ohm continuous so would I be better off buying two more Macro Tech 2400 ( one for each cab bridge mono 2070w @ 4ohm) ?

Also, the DTH4's can be biamp'd..the bi amp spec is as follows...
Low is 600w @ 4ohm continuous and hi is 80w @ 4ohm continuous
How suitable is my existing macro tech 2400 running stereo 800w @ 4ohm for the lows?
And would a macro tech 600 running in stereo 325w @ 4ohm be too much for the hi's .?

Im really only looking for advice on the Macro Tech range...cheers :)