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Couple of ? Regarding RCA connection to XLS amps

08 May 2014 - 03:15 AM

Hello.. I'm new in this forum. Been reading up on consumer to pro gear set ups. As this will be my first with pro amps. I have speakers that are 4 ohm rated that's on order. Anyway I had a couple question in regards to connecting RCA (unbalanced) to XLS amps. I'm looking into getting 3 XLS2000 to run my LCR in my HT. Each in bridge mode. Now my receivers pre outs are only RCA. And outputs 1.5Vrms. But I wanted to rack the amps in the next room over. So the RCA cables will be about 15-20 ft to the next room. Will this be OK? Or should I just go Unbalanced>active converter>balance outs>XLS amp? Thanks...