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Upgrading to crown amps, help with choosing for my setup

13 February 2014 - 11:15 AM

Hi i am currently planning to upgrade to Crown amps for the speaker setup that i have in my rental company. From what i understand power amp output rating should be 1.5 to 2 times that of the speaker's RMS rating. So going by that, this is the speaker viz a viz amp config i have made for my setup. Tell me if its alright or some things that i should consider.

1 JBL VRX932 1600W at 4ohms (2 cabs coupled) = 1 channel of XTi 6002 giving 2100W at 4 ohm (500W extra good enough?) or will a Macro Tech 5000i giving 2500W at 4 ohm be better?

1 JBL SR4733 1200W at 4ohms (1 cab) = 1 channel of XTi 6002 (900W extra good enough?)

1 JBL VRX932 800W at 8ohms (1 cab) = 1 channel of Xti 6002 giving 1200W at 8ohm?

We use XTA processors for the crossover points and other DSP but i can always bunk it and use the XTi's DSP if its good enough.