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In Topic: Strange Fault On A Crown K1.

02 July 2015 - 01:25 PM

Thanks.   The amp is definitely not in Bridge Mode.  I've just checked.  It's running right now.  Been running for the past two hours at a low volume and the fault has appeared again.   The amp seems to output fine, equal on both channels and no distortion.   I've been playing with the gain knobs on both channels and when turning one round back to '100' it cuts out '21'.   The other knob seems to cut out when moving the spindle in and out slightly. So the problem might have something to do with the gain knobs?

Just also thought i'd say the K series are outstanding.  I have five way system which consists of two K1's for compression drivers and super tweeters, two K2's for mid and bass and a mighty Crown Macro Rerefence Amp for sub bass.