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Rig setup - expansion - need advice

22 January 2014 - 11:41 AM

Hi everyone... I'm new to these forums and a bit green when it comes to all things PA.

I co-manage a band (3 piece hard rock cover band) and we try our best to do our own production (my partner and i run production).

Our current rig looks like this

Driverack PA+ (xover at 100hz)
Crown XLS602 x 2 Bridged
Yamaha S215V x2

QSC KW181 x4

This setup works pretty well for the small to mid size venues the band plays in. We'd like to go a bit bigger so we can handle some of the outdoor shows/bigger venues.

We're basically thinking of doubling the setup - mainly for economical reasons as the 602's can be found for about $200/ea and the Yamaha speakers are also fairly inexpensive. The KW181's are not cheap ;)

I have some reservations as I'm not sure having four 602s will be enough or not as efficient.

Ideas. Suggestions?