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System Architect 3.4 on Windows 8.1 - Stuttering network

08 July 2015 - 01:45 PM

Hi all..

I'm leasing a system from a custom sub cabinet builder and am using a Crown IT8000 amp.

He uses System Architect 3.4 (whatever latest version) and Win XP and never had an issue with real-time management of the amp.

I have a Win 8.1 x64 laptop and have experienced sporadic network access to the amp. If it does show any activity (input/output meters), it's for maybe 5 seconds and the meters freeze. However, making adjustments seem to be transferred.

I've tried a wireless router and even a direct cable connection; static ip, just about every trick I know. In either case the application seems to be choking.

Now, I will state, obviously, I have not updated the firmware on the amp, nor have I attempted to use the latest HiQnet as I didn't want to mess with any of his presets.

So is using the latest software the answer?