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In Topic: Rig setup - expansion - need advice

20 March 2014 - 10:33 AM

Sorry to revive this but I need to gain some knowledge.

With our rig (2x yamaha s215v rated at 1000w RMS) and 602's bridged (not sure the max... I think 1200).

Am I adjusting the output wattage of the amp - thus to the speaker - by adjusting the attenuation on the amp?

so when I peak the amp (setting it's max input) and the knob is, say at 2 o'clock, am I running the amps at 75% or say 800watts?

In my mind... I think of that as the "gain" knob on the mixing board. You're bringing the signal into the amp, you're allowing the max signal to come in before going out. Correct?

I think I read somewhere that amps are amps... their rating is their rating and that's what they output no matter which way you turn the knob. Right or Wrong?

So if I peak the amp with pink noise to set max - what am I actually doing? Amy I setting the actual wattage output? So are my Yami's only getting 800w vs 1000+ of their capability?

I'd like to understand this to put some arguments to bed and be able to explain it in layman terms.


I've read this: