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In Topic: D150- One Channel Down!

14 May 2014 - 04:01 PM

Hello again, it's been a while!
Today I have good news and bad news.
The good news: My D-150 is up and running perfectly.
The bad news: I don't know why!

I finally got it together and got hold of an oscilloscope, but first, I figured, I'd change a couple of suspicious caps and the diode I broke while poking around. So I set up a lovely work table, got all my tools together (including the spiffy new scope), and satrted by swapping out those couple of parts. So far so good, now I can get started with the scope, I thought. So I hooked it up and put a sine wave through the amp. Nuthin'. Hmm, am I doing this right? So I hooked up a speaker to the good channel, and sure enough, a nice clean 1000Hz sine wave was coming through. Ah, heck, I'll try out the bad channel, too, I thought. Guess what? A nice clean 1000Hz sine wave was coming out there, too. ¡Que rico suave estoy!, I'm thinking, 'cept for two things: I have no clue what I did right, and I didn't learn a dang thing! Good thing I've got a couple more broken amps lying around.

I humbly thank this forum, and y'all wish me better luck next time, OK?