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In Topic: D150- One Channel Down!

14 May 2014 - 04:01 PM

Hello again, it's been a while!
Today I have good news and bad news.
The good news: My D-150 is up and running perfectly.
The bad news: I don't know why!

I finally got it together and got hold of an oscilloscope, but first, I figured, I'd change a couple of suspicious caps and the diode I broke while poking around. So I set up a lovely work table, got all my tools together (including the spiffy new scope), and satrted by swapping out those couple of parts. So far so good, now I can get started with the scope, I thought. So I hooked it up and put a sine wave through the amp. Nuthin'. Hmm, am I doing this right? So I hooked up a speaker to the good channel, and sure enough, a nice clean 1000Hz sine wave was coming through. Ah, heck, I'll try out the bad channel, too, I thought. Guess what? A nice clean 1000Hz sine wave was coming out there, too. ¡Que rico suave estoy!, I'm thinking, 'cept for two things: I have no clue what I did right, and I didn't learn a dang thing! Good thing I've got a couple more broken amps lying around.

I humbly thank this forum, and y'all wish me better luck next time, OK?


In Topic: D150- One Channel Down!

06 December 2013 - 10:17 AM

Ah, today I am laughing. Those of you who have read the above know the story, but here's a synopsis anyway:
My old D150 broke. I started a thread here in the hope of getting advice on fixing it, where I lamented that the schematics and PC layout diagrams on the Crown site are illegible. After pulling out a lot of hair, trying to decipher the scans, I got a tickling sensation telling me that I may actually have those diagrams somewhere. Now listen, I am chaos personified, but I swear, I found an ancient copy of the amp's schematic in an old carton full of miscellaneous mixed papers within seconds, as though some mystical force were guiding my hand. Wit that and a lot of patience, I was able to more or less re-draw the PC layout, so that I could begin troubleshooting. But I wasn't so sure that my drawing was accurate, so I began with some trepidation.

Now I'm getting to the punchline:
Yesterday, I had occasion to look through that same box of old papers, for something entirely unrelated. This time I got all the way down to the bottom of the box, and what did I find there? Ha! The rest of the Crown document, containing parts lists, blowup-drawings, and two lovely, pristine drawings of the PC oard with all its components. Here's links:


The link to the drawing that I made myself is now dead, because I'd hate to have anyone burn up an amp as the result of some mistake I made...

Now then: I STILL haven't found the problem in this amp. I have done a lot of checking, and found the following: No DC at output. I've checked output x-sistors, drivers, the IC, diodes 210 and 211, none of them can be causing the problem. I have checked voltages at several points and definitely found discrepancies between the two channels. But for one thing, I haven't got an oscilloscope (working on getting one but I'm a Mac user and all the ones I see and might be able to afford only work with PC), and for another, basically none of the voltages I read match up with the schematic. I'm thinking that's down to leaky elkos, so I think I'll recap the beast and see what I get. Meanwhile, your tips are very welcome!